Milano! A beautiful city full of life, fashion and inspiration. Some people believe it has nothing to show to its visitors, but we totally disagree with this statement. This city always has something for you, no matter how many times you’ve been here before. Let’s have a trip around our precious Milano and you will change your mind.

It may sound banal, but we begin our journey from Milano’s most famous place of interest – Duomo. It is worth seeing not only because of its fame, but also because of its beauty. It took six centuries to build this marvellous huge marble cathedral, the symbol of Milano. Due to this material, Duomo really looks like an openwork and seems to weight nothing. Let’s spend a couple of hours inside and around it, looking at the interior, stained-glass windows and the statue of Madonnina and feeling patience and appeasement. Besides, it may be really interesting to go to the roof – there is a breathtaking view from there on the whole of Milano, and you can also have a very close look at the architecture.

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Photo: Xantana

Our next stop is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping places. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Borsalino, Luisa Spagnoli, Swarovski and many others – there you see predominantly high-end fashion. Still, this place is just simply pleasant to the eye. High glass ceilings, marble floors with mosaics, lights – everything is so… majestic.


Photo: bongiornos.info

Through the corridors of the Galleria we walk right towards La Scala.  Here we can have a rest eating at Fresco & Cimmino  enjoying Italian food from pizza and pasta to tiramisu and experiencing Napoletanean culture in the very heart of Lombardia. But wait! Better no tiramisu, since something tasty is waiting for us just around the corner. Walking down Via S. Raffaele we get a chance to try delicious ice cream at Cioccolati italiani.  Well, there will certainly be the queue, but we should be strong and patient for such a pleasant reward.

Photo: JoyDellaVita.com

We can eat it sitting on one of the benches at Piazza della Scala listening to live music, looking at the famous opera theatre.

What else? 

There are other things which can be interesting for you in Milano, but it depends on your taste. Still, we will try to find something suitable.

Museum of Giorgio Armani (Armani Silos) is a must-see for fashion addicts. It is situated at Via Bergognone and kinda faraway from Duomo and La Scala, but the exposition will countervail all efforts of getting there. This museum was opened in 2015, and it contains 600 pieces of clothes and more than 200 accessories from 1980 to our days. The collection is worth millions of dollars. Besides, there is a full collection of Armani’s sketches. If you are a fashion illustrator who is searching for inspiration, this is where you’ll find it. Don’t forget to have a walk around zona Tortona (where Armani Silos is located), it’s such a nice hipster place, where you can see 100% creative people!

Photo: kateillustrate

Santa Maria delle Grazie  is a church for art-amateurs. The name of this church may seem unknown, but there is a real treasure in it. This is the place where Leonardo Da Vinci drew his “Last Supper” and where this worldwide known work may be found nowadays. This building has an interesting architecture and doesn’t resemble other famous Milano’s churches.


Photo: Abelson

Castello Sforzesco  is a place for those who like history and castles. It is a little bit similar to Moscow Kremlin, full of spirit of the past and is absolutely charming. Now there are several historical museums there like Prehistorical Museum, Museum of Egypt and so on. Dive into history and see how did the things go hundreds of years ago!

Photo: italiatut.com

And don’t forget to put on your fashionable clothes! Who knows, may be some street fashion photographer will take your picture for Vogue ;)

Photo: Dilya Vakhitova, DilyaLondon


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