I was born in a family of a Russian professional painter and a fashionista. Although I have always been a fashion and art addict since childhood and in 2015 got my Master’s degree in Arts, Fashion & Culture at Bocconi University, Milan, I never drew in my life till December, 2014.

The two passions blended together when kateillustrate  brand was created and my instagram  was launched. Interest in my art grew quickly and spread to the most important names in the fashion industry: my illustrations  were published on Valentino Garavani‘s, Loriblu‘s, Berta‘s and many others’ social media, within one year I have worked with both luxury and mass market brands as well as emerging fashion designers (e.g. TOD’S, Martini Terrazza, M.A.C, Benefit, Mercury, How to be a Redhead, Danyl Marr).

Now kateillustrate is more than just a fashion illustration project, I aspire to be a source of inspiration, a way to discover fashion through art, and a final destination for uncovering emerging, sometimes local, brands and designers. My mission is to inspire others  through my own example, that’s why in 2015 I also launched my YouTube channel, where I talk about my art, my life, my travels. But there would be nothing without your support, you inspire me the most and I am here to “repay the debt” :) So, thank you for following along and for your continued support!

kateillustrate princess illustration

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