The 8th of March  is a sort of contradictory holiday: some people say women should be praised every day (yes, they should), while others just don’t care and take this festive occasion to spend with their dearest.  I belong to the second category :) Although I do think women should be celebrated every day, I believe it’s a nice occasion to do so with a double quantity.

Our day started with scarlet shafts of sunrise somewhere far away from the city, where we drove at night with my boyfriend. We haven’t got any sleep, but it was worth it. The sunrise  was incredible: no clouds, just the flaming sun shedding the light to wake us from the night.

We then got back to the city centre to urgently get some coffee,  then more coffee, and even more coffee in the evening – that was a coffee day! :D I bought some flowers  for my friend and we rushed to catch her before she left home with her boyfriend to sunbathe on the beach. And then the hard part begun: we wanted to sleep sooo badly, but we knew we need to resist till the evening to not make our life sleepless and miserable in the days to follow. And so we did. We held on like grim death till 8 pm. We went to buy some calligraphy tools  for both of us, we went for a shrimp dinner (finally  third week of my diet – first time some seafood) and then grabbed the third cup of coffee and went to sip it admiring the sunset at the sea-front.

jimmy choo blossom

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