Take a deep breath and try to think about the present moment.  What do you feel? Do you feel empowered or lost? Happy or frustrated? We tend to overthink what future is going to bring us and overlook what the current moment  is all about. I am now about to open a new book (and hopefully start a new page of my life) – “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Crazy how rebalancing sessions (read in my previous post) started to have a huge influence on my life, reveal significant parts of myself to me and just make me meditate on my fears.

And today as we were spending this St. Valentine’s together with my friend, Nastya Ohman, talking for hours over a coffee, then contemplating on this amazing view, and then having a dinner with a glass of wine, I started to question my prolonged stay here in Vietnam. I felt a strong desire to leave and go explore new places. Nastya did something she always does, i.e. she reminded me how beautiful the present moment is and tried to shift my focus from tomorrow to today.  I don’t really know just yet if she managed to be successful in this enterprise, but she made me think about how actually I should feel about today.  We need to enjoy every second of our life,  relish even the most banal (how sunset can be banal?) things that surround us, plan for the future without forgetting the now moment. I am going to be in Italy in less then 3 months and I am looking forward to the great things  that are waiting for me there, but for now “shut up and enjoy the moment” :)

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IMG_3873 blog

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4 Responses to “THE POWER OF NOW”

  1. Helen Chik

    I agree – sometimes you get caught up in the manicness of everyday life and forget to live in the moment. I’m definitely guilty of not doing it enough but it’s something that I’ll be working on!!

    Sending you love from Sydney xx

    I’ve recently redesigned my site and posted on my collaboration with The Woolmark Company for Chinese New Year and would love to hear your thoughts!!


    • Ekaterina Petropavlovskaia

      Hello Helen! I am happy my thoughts resonated with you, just try to focus on the present moment – I am working in this direction as well!

      I will definitely check your website, thanks for sharing!



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