Good morning, world! :) Here I am starting the second  week of my detox program  (yes, that’s right, no Mondays,  only Tuesdays, only hardcore!) Last Tuesday I started to keep the Prokhorov diet, which basically sums up to eating only raw vegetables and dairy products  below 5% fat (without any limit on the amount). The results are amazing, in one week I lost around 3 kilos and never felt hungry. I would say I feel super light and happy, positive mood always on. So, what made me start the detox?

As you may know I spent more than 1 year working for Google. You know what Google is mostly famous for, right? :) The FREE FOOD! Chocolate all around the office and all other kinds of pleasures you could imagine. Well, lucky you, if you have a good metabolism, ’cause apparently I don’t. So, of course I got to know on my own skin what does the “Google stone”  mean: +7 kilos in 1 year (or better, in the last 6 months of work).

When two weeks ago I realised (read in my recent post) that I had been agonising myself for too long, I came up with a several ideas on how to improve my life and my relationship with myself (more in my YT video). One of those was “it’s time to clean my body, make conscious choices about what I eat”. And so I did.

My achievement made me also come up with a new phone cover (see below) for all of you who want a small reminder about your body & your capabilities.

fitness girl illustration kateillustrate

fitness girl iphone case

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