Disney Princesses Project for LADY.MAIL.RU

  • This project was created in collaboration with lady.mail.ru, Russian women’s portal own by Mail.ru group. Disney princesses has been all over @kateillustrate instagram, so it became natural to extend it to editorial format. 
jasmin disney art
  • Each of 5 princesses (Ariel, Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine & Pokahontas) has been redifined and seen through modern trends, i.e. aw 2018-2019 trends. 
  • The project was supported by brands and brand distributors
  • we used both luxury and mass market brands to show that a modern princess can be stylish wearing brands from any category.
  •  Team: 
  • Idea & Art – kate; Style – Veronica Sorin; Photo – Elena Solovyeva; Makeup – Zhanna Baluha; Backstage – Elena Zhaglina