Every city  has its own invariable and incomparable flavour and character  that once remembered can’t be confused with anything else. Rome  is not an exception, it’s the rule. My first “date” with Rome  was 7 years ago, back in 2009, when I started to learn Italian and I really wanted to visit the country I was so madly in love with.  I wanted to discover the culture,  the colours, the smell and every piece of this incredible city, when I first arrived to Rome.

The word I associate with the eternal city is “caldo”.  Сaldo means hot or warm, but it’s not only the weather, it’s the colours,  it’s the people.  Being back to Rome was a very warm and cozy experience,  quite strange for such a big city, right? :) Starting from TEDx to my photoshoot with Andrea Serrau & Angela Arena. The later, I hope, ended as a long lasting friendship. There is a saying “Italians do it better”,  and sometimes they really do: from pictures to relations. Italians, pretty much like Russians, know how to be open, and they are not afraid to voice their opinions and believes, and this is what I really appreciated in our 4 hours walk around the city centre.

I have quite a particular relationship with Italy: I love it and I hate it, and if we should believe in Latin saying “Ómnia víncit amór”,  I will eventually submit to it and relocate to one of these “masterpiece” cities.

kateillustrate fashion blog 1

kateillustrate fashion blog 2

kateillustrate fashion blog

kateillustrate fashion blog

kateillustrate fashion blog

kateillustrate fashion blog

kateillustrate fashion blog piazza del popolo

Rome, 8 May 2016

Special thanks to:

Photo Andrea Serrau (Facebook)

Assistant Angela Arena

Dress #LOVE

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