Just coming back home from Dublin  felt a little bit weird. I mean, home is always sweet home, but Dublin was a milestone for me: I inspired people and I got inspired.  You know this feeling, right? When you just meet so many people in a very short period of time, say, over a brunch or a cup of coffee, and it makes you feel energized. But then you need to leave and you feel some sort of melancholy, the good one that makes you stop for a while, reflect on what’s happened, and accelerate.

I was choosing pictures for today’s post and seems like these ones reflect just perfectly what is happening inside myself. I just stopped and I am listening what my heart has to say, and where it will guide me. When I know the answer – I am ready to move forward at a higher pace, to reach the goals I have in mind.

But for now I have two more milestones to look forward: Prague,  where I will be with my best friend for four, I already know, incredible days, and Milan,  where I will finally get my Master’s degree diploma.

Milan is my home, truly, and I will be there with people that I feel are my family. Well, of course my mum… and my boyfriend. And I am so excited to show them my home, get them to see it “through my eyes”…  places that are full of memories and emotions. After 4 months coming back again, like the prodigal son coming back home :))

What I am also excited about is that now I will be able to share all this with you on my blog with a bunch of cool pictures :) But for now enjoy these ones below!

IMG_5053 blog



IMG_5064 blog


IMG_5079 blog

Photo Marek Wojciak


Tutu Skirt Magnetic

Jumper Unisono

Watch Morgan

Ring Parfois

Bracelet & Shoes Aldo  

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