I was 7 year old and it was a normal day in school. A young woman walked into the classroom, put all the girls in line and selected some of them. The day after that woman became my rhythmic gymnastics  coach for the 8 years to come.

I still remember that day, I came home and I was so excited  – I was begging my parents to go with me to the first training. My dad would try to scare me :) He was saying that I would need to do the splits and it was going to be painful. But I was quite a stubborn child, so I insisted and I’ve never regretted my choice.

I did rhythmic gymnastics  for 8 years and then I’ve never stopped dancing. Dancing and music is in my blood  as much as art and drawing is. Last week when I was getting ready for Dublin I was undecided whether to take my Wacom tablet with me. It is quite heavy, but I couldn’t imagine one week without drawing. My childhood was the same – I couldn’t imagine my life without gymnastics. Every time I would get home after 4 hours of training, I would take my equipment with me and show off in front of my parents for one more hour. I was so in love with this sport: the quintessence of beauty, elegance and strength. 

Life is always about the choice, not necessarily black or white, but almost. So I’ve made mine: I quit gymnastics when I was 15 and dedicated myself to school – another type of development. Then drawing came up and I am so happy about it, I can’t be any grateful for the choice I was offered to make. While drawing and blogging is the main thing for me now, I sometimes have fun dancing and doing rhythmic gymnastics. So, here you go – enjoy the jumps and battements  :)










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Photo Marek Wojciak


Dress By o la la…!

Bag Braccialini

Watch Morgan

Bracelet & Shoes Aldo  

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