Lately my life has been a real roller coaster,  with ups and downs, sometimes going down at a right angle. Changing job, lifestyle, location  – just too much at the same time. I’ve been so hard on myself that I decided I need to change something before I go crazy, and the choice fell on the hair color.  I actually wanted to cut my hair as well, but then common sense prevailed over something that was an ephemeral weakness, I realize now.

I started dying my hair  when I was 17, went through blond, red and even brunette,  but then after 2 years of these funny experiments I “quit” and told myself I will never go back again :) I have. But for this particular occasion I’ve chosen L’Oréal Casting, which is said to go away in a month or so, and it really does. Now it’s been 3 weeks and I almost came to normal, while it was good to try a new color  and feel different yet again. So if you want to try a new color without starting a vicious “dying” circle, buy Casting  and have a different look for a while. Tell me in the comments if you’ve already tried it and which color did you like or just simply whether you like my new color, I’ll appreciate that :)








Photo Marek Wojciak


Dress Motivi   Earrings Ted Baker   Sunglasses Guess

  Bracelet Pandora   Bag Furla   Shoes 5th Avenue   

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