I like the risk: challenging standards and everything that is traditional.  Taking something, mixing it and making it unconventional  is what drives me and what I am trying to do in my art as well. This is what putting fashion and art, illustration and blogging together is for me. Pure imagination, never knowing where it will bring me next.

Challenging standards is also strolling the streets in a dress when it is just 2 degrees above 0.  Even if freezing, this is something everybody should try just for the sake of amazed people passing by :)

Challenging standards for me is very much about breaking myths, such as “you don’t wear silver and gold together”. Look at the major brands who did it: Pandora, Nomination, Tiffany  and many others. There is no harm in doing it and when mixed right – your look will be just perfect!


IMG_9745 (blog)

IMG_9762 blog

IMG_9754 blog


Dress Piano Fashion

Bag Love Moschino

Jewelery Parfois

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