There are definitely some investments in your wardrobe  you definitely can’t and shouldn’t skip: you must get a very good leather bag  (be it Prada, Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors), cool sunglasses (Dior or Chanel will do), a wallet (your money need a good “home”) and finally an umbrella

Being in a rainy Dublin,  I found myself thinking that I should get a new one! When I was moving out from my house in Milan,  I couldn’t take my fancy long umbrella with me: it was too big to carry on the airplane :( It was red and had a bow in the end of its holder, there was also a writing “Tutte le cose più belle accadono sempre sotto la pioggia” – All the best things happen in the rain. I still miss it… But no umbrella is irreplaceable, right? :)

Having browsed through tons of SS2015 collections, I think that Braccialini  and Moschino  are the absolute winners. If you have such an umbrella, you will never get unnoticed! Especially Braccialini  with this car shaped case, isn’t it cute? So, I gonna go and get myself an umbrella, and you guys enjoy my illustrations and some umbrellas below :)



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BC801_O_FW13-400-02 braccialini - umbrella Anna-Martynova-vale-blogCredits

Shop Braccialini umbrellas here

Shop Moschino umbrellas here

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