No crisis  is a real one if it doesn’t lead to growth,  to a creation  of something new. This is what I am currently going through.

I was just finishing one of my last digital works, and I felt stuck,  I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. Not that the drawing  wasn’t any good, but it just wasn’t better than the previous one. And this is what I always thrive for – to become a better version of myself,  both as a person and as an artist. I sat down and I though about different things: where I wanna go and whom I want to become, and I got this small sparkle illuminating my mind. Bingo!  I will start an “antidigital retreat”,  I will not draw digitally for 2 weeks and see where it brings me. Although I got a couple of orders along the way, I decided to complete one of them using mainly paper and Copic markers. I felt empowered once again. It’s been already almost a week, so one more to go.

Follow my antidigital journey on instagram, and check out my new phone case  I created using Copic markers.

Shop Merry Christmas  case on Casetify

maison valentino shoes

casetify kateillustrate case

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  1. Soraya Matos

    Hello! I just love your work so much, and your blog and videos have been a great inapiration for my work! Thank you for sharing experiences and ideas! Wish you good vibes! Kisses from Brazil!

    • Ekaterina Petropavlovskaia

      Dear Soraya, that is so good to hear! I saw your illustrations and they are INCREDIBLE!!! You’ve got a new fan! :*



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