What would be the most romantic  thing to do for the 14th February?  Of course, fly away from Vietnam and walk the streets of one of my favourite cities. Paris  is like music for me: fulfilling, spacious, exciting. Intriguing at the same time. I just fell in love  with it when I went there for the magical 3 days. I remember we just got lost in the city, walking without any particular purpose, feeling the atmosphere and that special smell that only Paris has.  I recall feeling freedom as much as I felt today while creating this drawing. When I don’t work on a brief – I let my fantasy  flow, I let myself use unusual strokes and methods to create my drawing. It’s difficult to explain with words, but I just feel that this illustration has something different in it. And it has that sense of freedom I was lacking for some time: I maybe lost faith in myself and with this drawing I feel like I re-established myself in my own eyes.

I wish you a lovely Saint Valentine’s Day  and never lose faith in yourself!


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