Yesterday night I received a magazine with four full pages dedicated to kateillustrate  and I am feeling lucky. Our journey just begun, but it’s already so exciting. This is the second publication about the project, my art and me so far, and I just can’t believe we achieved so much in these 2 months.


Kateillustrate  is that thing that makes me wake up every day, that keeps me inspired, and keeps me going. Especially your comments, your direct messages and all love you send me through likes on instagram.

My favorite part in the interview is about the greatest influences  in my life and my art. There are so many of them, it was difficult to highlight just a few. Of course, my parents : my dad – an amazing painter and my mom – a great fashionista and entrepreneur, the hard-working and stubborn personality I inherited from her. Ayrton Senna … and this constant desire to touch the limit. Valentino Garavani  who always celebrated the feminine beauty and elegance, his sketches and his dresses are a benchmark for me.

This is just a beginning, a bright beginning, which I don’t know where will lead me and where I will end up. But today I feel lucky and I want to celebrate it with you – my followers!

Magazine available on demand 

Special thanks to Grace Wesson

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