This period of my art is called learning  (again?)… The fact is that you can never stop learning, learning is a life adventure,  and I am trying to figure out some good fashion illustration courses, books and maybe mentors as well.

I just received the famous Anna Kiper’s “Fashion Illustration. Inspiration and Technique”  book I’ve heard so many good things about. I didn’t get a chance to read it thoroughly yet, but it really seems like a good one to get inspiration  from.

I also came across many fashion illustration online courses, some of which are really expensive, and that’s why for the moment I am probably going to opt for this one in Russian by Fantasy Room. They even guarantee to give your money back, if you don’t like it or find something better :)

Let me know if you have some amazing books or courses  or even youtube channels you can recommend and keep on learning! :)

feofanova katya-illustration

Inspiration: model Ekaterina Feofanova

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2 Responses to “NEVER STOP LEARNING”

  1. Dom N Ink

    Hey Kate,

    Im new to art all together. I started by painting in April. I’m also in the learning stage, obviously. … I LOVE your type of fashion illustration. I plan to do similar in a melanin (black) art style. What tips would you give me?

    • Ekaterina Petropavlovskaia

      Hey there! Awesome to hear you are starting on your drawing journey! What type of tips would you like? :)



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