When I was a kid I always admired my dad. He never went to any design or art school,  and yet had this incredible, outstanding ability to paint and do poker-work as if he had studied in one of the best art schools. As I was growing up – I never drew, quite the contrary I had this strong conviction that I was unable to draw anything. But you can’t really say that unless you try, right?

Last week for me was a discovery. I started @kateillustrate  and this blog somewhat four months ago, and back then I never thought it would turn out this way. It’s amazing to see how much one can achieve, learn and finally get the skill to create something beautiful if s/he puts love, effort and all the energy in that one thing s/he is doing.

I started off my illustrations as plain mostly black and white with a little bit of color to finally turn them into something animated, full of life and bloom. I don’t say finally, because as four months ago I couldn’t have imagined my work turning out like this, so today I can’t and I don’t want to imagine how far could I go. I close my eyes and feel like I am living a dream,  and I don’t want to wake up, as only this way I could discover the continuation…


Inspiration: Negin Mirsalehi

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