One reason I started fashion illustration,  not just any-kind-of-illustration, is because fashion world  inspires me. It makes me dream and wonder in my dreams, it lets me meet a lot of amazing and gorgeous people along the way and take inspiration  from there. Fashion is not just a word, or a dress, or a skirt, it is definitely an art. If I look at Valentino or Chanel (especially Chanel SS2015 collection)  gowns, I may admire them even more than any Picasso work (and I am a Picasso addict by the way). Fashion making is also the art of prediction, fashion houses have to predict or create fashion trends  years before a collection will be presented to general public.

Bloggers  then take it from there and set their own trends, create their own tendencies. I follow many of them and they are all very cool and stuff, but not many of them stand out, even the most popular once. What I would always appreciate in a fashion blogger is authenticity  and being true to herself. This is definitely Julia Engel  (@juliahengel on instagram), the founder of Gal Meets Glam. She is different from other fashion bloggers in that she always sticks to this elegant and chic looks,  never wears something she doesn’t like or something that is just fashionable, but doesn’t look like her. Moreover, her style is quite similar to mine in some instances, for instance you can find a dress similar to the one on the sketch in one of my earlier posts :) I simply love her, and you? ;)

fashion illustration kateillustrate galmeetsglam

Fashion Illustration:  Julia Engel (from Gal Meets Glam) by kateillustrate

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