Moscow  is a crazy city, but I’ve always loved it. For quite a long time it was the city that recharged my energy when I came there. Like all other huge cities, right, it either gives or drags energy, for me it’s the former. Plus seeing all my friends  who moved to the capital has always been a bonus. One of my best friends also lives in Moscow, so coming there is always coming home.

There is this song that says “Moscow never sleeps”… And you probably think about the night, but it’s not only about it. Moscow literally never ever  sleeps: people run to work in the morning, to lunch – in the afternoon, to a bar – in the evening. It’s always on move, people are always on the go – that’s why I love this city.

When I moved to Milan  it was almost inconceivable for me how slowly people moved – they didn’t hurry up anywhere… But then I got used to it and I loved it too. As the time passes by, I start appreciating the right pace  more and more. Sometimes I wanna run, other times I wanna chill. It’s all about the right balance in life: when you push too hard without having rest – you may burn out, it’s almost certain you will. I am still learning how to balance it all, but it doesn’t mean I stopped loving Moscow  – I still do! And here is a confirmation for that :)




Dress Rasstegay

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