New York  is a city of endless opportunities,  you cannot ever get to know it to the full extent. I’ve been there three times and still there are so many things I haven’t seen.

New York  is a city you can’t be indifferent to. You gonna love it or gonna hate it, there is not much you can do about it – it just provokes stong feelings.

My first time there was last February,  the time when all the news were trumpeting about an anomalously cold winter there. When I got off the plane the thermometer was showing -12C and I had only time to think “oh my goodness” before getting frozen. I know, I am Russian and I should not feel this way, but after two years living in sunny Italy – this is a normal reaction, I guess :) Of course I caught cold and stayed 2 weeks in bed, but the last two out of the four were incredible. I saw so many things, attended loads of events and met a bunch of people…


This will sound strange, but my favorite place in NYC is Times Square.  It’s just a synonym of life for me: constant movement, cars running, dazzle lights. Everything like in a typical American movie. This is the place I feel powerful in NY, ’cause I feel the energy.



New York  is a city of endless opportunities,  you gonna feel something about it… And since you already should feel something, I would choose to be madly in love with the city and take the best out of it! :-)


Illustration  Inspired by Negin Mirsalehi

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