Ready to wear  Paris fashion week  just started yesterday and this makes me dream about this magic city even more.

Magic… It’s one of those things I remember about Paris. Magic, dreams and fairy tale.  It’s been almost 2 years since my first and last time in the city, but the memory of it is still so vivid as if it was just yesterday. It was November and I obviously was freezing: we flew from Milan, where the weather was much nicer and warmer, but this didn’t prevent us from enjoying les promenades. 

I love traveling, but I also do love to come back to cities that I have such a beautiful memory of. I know sometimes you just need to keep it as it is, but for me coming back and living a similar experience once again in crucial. Going back to Paris  has been on my mind since I came back to Milan, and when I even plan my next trip it is so tempting… So, for the next fashion week – Paris, here I come! At least to climb the Eiffel tower,  the thing I never did ;)


On the illustration Taylor Swift

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