Buongiorno!  Here I am, sitting in a coffee shop  sipping my cappuccino, while it’s dank and cold out there, and I just don’t wanna go home. Only 2 days ago it was still sunny and summery, and yesterday all the good weather just vanished. Except for the fact that because of this weather I feel super sleepy, I don’t mind seating at home, drawing and working on kateillustrate. 

Yesterday I finished this new design and it is already available on Casetify.  It’s name is “Girl with Balloons”,  but the design itself is just screaming from the screen “summer don’t go!!!”  If you feel like myself, and you want to prolong summer, purchase this case on Casetify.  Also let me know if you have any cases/mugs/prints ideas :) Will happy to hear what you think.

fashion-illustration-balloon girl-blog.png

Shop Girl with Balloons  case on Casetify

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