Except for the cliche “everything happens for a reason”,  I also believe that for everything in our life there is the right moment:  the only, unique and perfect. Sometimes we lament about things that (according to us) went wrong only to discover later that the way they happened was just perfect.  And the way this Chanel  sketch was born is likewise.

All of you remember the enchanting Chanel Spring 2015  fashion show that took place back in January. Top models cat-walking in a small flower paradise  created by Chanel’s maestro – Karl Lagerfeld.  I got so excited and inspired by this show, I wanted to sit down with my Wacom tablet and create. But I was not ready… That was just after one month I started to draw and I thought I couldn’t be up to Chanel’s standards. So, I shelved this idea only to take it out and contemplate on it once in a while. Sometimes I would also regret about not catching the right moment  when the show was still on everybody’s lips.

Today, when the sketch is ready after almost 3 months from the show, I realize that I did the right thing to wait. I would not have drawn it this way 3 months ago, and now it’s just perfect!  If you want some inspiration too – I put the link to YouTube video under the sketch :) Enjoy 18 minutes of pure perfection ;)



Watch Chanel SS 2015 fashion show

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