I guess I discovered Victoria’s Secret  during my second year of uni in Russia – it was not that popular in the city where I was studying at the moment. And also the first official store in Moscow  was opened only in 2011, yet displaying mainly cosmetics, perfumes and accessories. So, there was a kind of unsatisfied demand for the beautiful bras & swimwear  and everything on the Russian market.

A lot of businesses emerged in this setting and I should say they are still quite successful. So, what some girls would do at the time, they would gather orders from everyone around the city who wanted a jewel piece from VS  in their wardrobe and would order all those things online, so that they can share an expensive delivery from US. This is how I got my first things from VS and I still remember how excited I was. For my graduation party I was wearing a VS dress  as well and it was a thrill :))


And now that St. Valentine’s day is approaching I was thinking what can I draw next… And I couldn’t get rid of the idea that VS underwear set is the best gift you can get from your bf :) So here you go!



Dress Victoria’s Secret

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