Yesterday was one of the most important and intensive days since kateillsutrate blog  has been launched. Since the very beginning it was very important for us that kateillustrate  has a face and you guys not only know my art, but also how I look like. I already told you in one of the previous posts  that after some hibernation, we finally have a photographer onboard with us and I am so excited how many new looks and ideas we are going to shoot in the following months.

Women’s Day  yesterday started with a preparation for the oncoming set, I was carefully packing all my clothes and then sat to do my manicure. The intercom rang and I, all beautiful in my underwear and with a fresh manicure on my nails, rushed to open the door, but the question in my head was: “So, am I gonna now put on my clothes and ruin my manicure or what?” :) I wrapped myself up in a blanket and opened the door to discover these beautiful roses right under my nose… They smelled so good and my room is now all filled with this aroma.


This surprise definitely put me in the right mood for the shooting  and I was all like having my head in the clouds.  Finished the preps, we departed to the countryside and spent there 3 incredible hours making photos, having a lot of fun along the way. We shoot 3 looks  and I am so looking forward to the new posts on my blog and so exited to share with you the emotions I felt. But for now I want to share with you this illustration and wish all women to have their heads in the clouds from time to time, to be loved, to love and to never lose this feeling easiness, I am sure, we all felt yesterday!



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