As a self-taught fashion illustrator  for around 1,5 years on the market I worked hard to learn how to draw, illustrate and find my own unique style. There is a myriad of fashion illustrators out there, so how can you ever stand out,  right? For me the answer to this question remained a mystery till a couple of weeks ago, because I never realised this is a problem-solving type of question, and as any problem solving it should be broken into several sub-questions.

First of all, there are thousands and thousands potential clients  you can work with, and in addition to this there are several ways you can earn money illustrating.  Speaking about clients, is it magazines  you want to work with? Fashion brands? Beauty  brands? It’s all very important to understand before you jump right into this fascinating world of illustration. 

So, once the previous question is answered, you need to dig even dipper. Let’s say, you want to work with magazines.  Are you a Vogue type? Or you are more like Seventeen and CosmoGIRL? If you got it for youself, go and research what those magazines have already published and see what you can offer them. Don’t copy! Analyse what attracts a concrete magazine and develop your own style around it.

If you want to work with brands: are you more into sexy and stylish or cute and sweet?  Remember not to chase each and every brand, choose those that have a similar style and vision to what you do or want to create!

And… Best of luck! <3

Polina Trubenkova Madam Kaka

Kate Mezenova drawing

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