I wasn’t sure whether to keep the #inspirationseries  up, whom to draw next, who was that one more person who inspires me  the most. Eventually I decided to go on with my #inspirationseries  and not stress myself too much about who that person is gonna be, whether my fans know him, etc., because the whole reason I started doing kateillustrate  was to inspire  people all over the world, and the reason I created #inspirationseries  was to help people discover amazing personalities that have a very important influence on me and can become one for my fans!

Meet Stas Cranberry – a dancer and choreographer  for life. This video has been on repeat for 3 days already and it just kept inspiring me day after day, when I actually decided to draw  Stas. I know him for already 7 years, and I had a chance to assist some of his lessons and learn some of his choreographies. Just three words: incessant energy flow.  Watch one of his videos and you get this charge even through the screen… imagine how it is to see him dancing live!

A desire to grow,  to be a better version of himself is something that always inspired me. A healthy dissatisfaction with his own work is that one thing that brought him to be one of the greatest, to be well-known in Russia,  and hopefully all over the world in the nearest future. Wish him health and a huge success in everything he does!

Stas Cranberry Illustration

Stas Cranberry YouTube channel

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