Once in a while I wonder what if I never started drawing… What if I never bought that Wacom Bamboo  tablet to make a referral poster… What if I never actually went to work for Google  in the first place? It’s like a nightmare, even if I had time machine, I would never go back  and change things, because I love my life the way it is: I discovered my true self and my talent, I get to work with amazing photographers, and my partners are really the best!

You all know that already for a while I’ve been selling my art on phone cases  on Casetify  and they flew around the world to reach my lovely fans! But now it’s time to come home for a while and make my landmark here. I am really excited to announce that my cases  will now be available (in a few days) in Russia  thanks to our partnership with iPapai,  and this Macarons  rockstar will be part of the initial collection! <3 Hope you are as excited and thrilled as I am!

macarons kateillustrate

macarons illustration kateillustrate

macarons illustration kateillustrate

macarons kateillustrate

macarons illustration kateillustrate

macarons iphone case

macarons kateillustrate

Special thanks to:

Phone case iPapai

Dress Lost Ink

Photo Sergey Isakov

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2 Responses to “MACARONS OVERLOAD”

  1. Alice

    How amazing! All the best. By the way, I love the dress, very elegant!



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