Acqua di Parma  is one of my favorite fragrances… For a long time I’ve been crazy about Gelsomino Nobile.  It’s just unique, doesn’t resemble any other eau de parfum.


Now I discovered Rosa Nobile,  made of a very unique centifolia rose  growing only in Italy. Wish I could take the first flight to Milan now…


Blooming roses create a poetic ambiance.
The petals of this beautiful flower gently touch the mind and the heart of poets and then, almost magically, words and images arise brightly and spontaneously. Fragments, sonnets, songs celebrate the rose, its honesty and its mystery, its being the symbol of utmost femininity. An elegant masterpiece of color, shape, and perfume perfectly blended together by nature, the rose is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A rose bud is like a goblet full of emotions capable of creating a new exciting beauty within those who truly appreciate it”.


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