We were shooting on a rainy day with Marek, it was one of my last days in the sunny (but not on that day) Wroclaw.  I was so sad to leave the place, where I spent more than a year of my life,  and people, whom I love, that the sadness was all over my face.

The place, where we made the pictures, was Marek’s sister flat and it was quite away from me, so I called a cab. I picked Marek on the way, and of course he started questioning why I was so mournful and stressed, while there was an evil scheme growing in his head already (I am 99% sure) :)  His plan was to make me drunk and forget about my troubles for a while :)  Which I did.

It made me think about the power of pause  in our lives. Sometimes we are so into our business, and troubles, and lists of things to do, that we ignore the way we feel – we just don’t have time to notice.

A similar thing just happened to me a couple of days ago when I got sick. When I arrived to Russia  – I rushed into a million of “to-do” lists and plans to grow my blog that I completely forgot to pause for a while. Then I got sick, and I had to pause.  I took one day off to relax, to stay with my family and to pause my thoughts. Ironically, the best ideas come to you when you think about nothing. Now I am ready to push forward with a double pace.





Photo Marek Wojciak


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