Okay. Time to admit it: I wasn’t posting on my blog  for quite a while. But you know, sometimes you need that kick in the ass to wake up, to get to business, and so here I am (inspired)  writing about my amazing trip to Da Nang.  

The idea to get outside of Nha Trang, where my home in Vietnam  is, came to me quite spontaneously. Remember that video I uploaded on YouTube a couple of weeks ago? I decided to follow my own tips, and as I was feeling a little bit stuck yet again, I just bought a ticket and got on a bus for a 14 (!!!) hours trip. On the day of the trip I felt quite heavy-hearted and it was difficult to leave – it’s always not easy to accept the change and get going, at least for me. Funny thing: I came from Russia to Vietnam with such an ease, and then 400km seemed a torture.

I slept all the time on the bus (love those Vietnamese sleep-buses) and by the morning I was in Da Nang. Imagine Dublin,  but triple – that’s Da Nang. Spacious and grandiose, clean and welcoming, lovely and … European.  A piece of Europe in Vietnam, such a relief. Even if I arrived quite tired, I suddenly felt so many energy juices flowing in my body, and till the late evening I didn’t make it to my hotel room.

We first went to the Marble Mountains  and got some “exercising” while going up. Oh, I almost forgot: I was forced to ride a motorbike :)  My first real driving experience on a road was exciting and scary at the same time. But as the time was passing by, I got more confident and the next two days I spent driving through the length and breadth of the city. And I finally got one more thing that refills me with energy and inspiration here in Vietnam and a new goal – ride the roads of Rome on a motorbike. 

The second day was full of natural beauty  – we went in the mountains to visit Lady Buddha and Buddha Bay.  The hill affords spectacular breathtaking views, the temple offers peace and conciliation. In the evening I decided to go out to have a dinner alone: I enjoy those times when I can stay just with myself, think and contemplate on the things that happened. I love finding my favorite places in every city I visit,  and thus I found this Waterfront Restaurant  and had some very tasty pasta with ricotta and vegetables and the sea-view. After that I decided to go to the “Sun Wheel” – big wheel commanding a nice night view on the whole city and the city lights twinkling in the distance.

Last day I spent riding outside of the city and then editing my first vlog from Vietnam  for you to enjoy. And then again – 14 hours trip, a lot of sleep and a huge amount of inspiration  for at least some weeks to come.

Da Nang - Dragon Bridge

da nang - bridge

Da nang - Lady Buddha

Da nang - Lady Buddha

Da nang -Buddha Bay

Buddha Bay - Da Nang

Da Nang Buddha Bay

Da Nang Motorcycle

Da Nang - fish

Da Nang - Sun Wheel

Da Nang - Sun Wheel


Location: Da Nang | 9-11 Dec 2015

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